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Collab, create, connect.
Let's be #contentfriends!

Share your skills and knowledge while learning from other like-minded people in a fun and dynamic content creation setting. Let's grow and impact together.

Every week there's new social trends that you can't keep up with. You're wasting time trying to figure them all out.

Instead, you still end up scrambling to order inventory and holiday packages, schedule a last minute photoshoot, throw together an offer, and hurry to  "put something out" so you can make SOME sales.

You tell yourself every year that this holiday season will be the ONE. But you end up stressed and realize you spent more than you made...AGAIN. At this point, you’re over it.


After years of doing what you could, and getting the same results, you know you deserve  a piece of the projected $1.3 trillion holiday spend this season.

Getting a return on your investment this year is absolutely possible when you have the right things in place to get you there. We're combining the soul-stirring visuals and the "mo' money" marketing strategy to elevate your next holiday campaign.


Imagine how you’ll feel once:

  • You have the holiday photos you need in advance

  • Your offers are planned and ready to launch

  • Your promotional email and text sequences are scheduled

  • You’re confident you will achieve your holiday sales goals


Marketing campaigns align strategy and visuals so your brand is in the right place at just the right time...

You're not behind (yet) but...

Your competitor has already planned their 2022 holiday campaigns and has a calendar of events planned for the next 12-24-36 months.


We know you’ve tried year after year to make your offers stand out during the holiday season and each year you end up waiting til the last minute to get an offer out.


But now you’re fed up and want to enter this holiday season with ease. 


Instead of struggling to get out one offer, work with two experts to plan your next campaign the right way… 


DIS/RPT the Narrative

A three-day intensive retreat to strategize, plan and shoot your next campaign with your personal Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Brand Officer.

what’s included: 

Anchor 1

Build Your Campaigns w/ Strategy

From Your Chief Marketing Officer

Build Your Campaign w/ Visuals

From Your Chief Brand Officer



Marketing Strategy

Let’s co-create a strategy to connect, convert and retain customers before, during and after your next campaign.

Offer Development:

Learn how to stack multiple offers to consistently bring in sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

Sales Strategy

Activate your 60 day plan and implement your sales funnels before you leave the room. 

Total Value: $6,000

Visual Strategy + Creative Brief

You have a plan, now let's brainstorm how to bring it to life. We will write out the concept, discuss the content, platform types, location, necessary props and/or talent, and a concise shot list.

Shoot Direction + Photography

Prior to the shoot we will go more in depth to discuss styling, location usage and scene breakdown, model casting + selection (if necessary).

On the day of/at the shoot, you will receive any and all pose direction, product setup, set design, and of course the actual shoot itself.

Shoot times will be a minimum of 2 hours and can increase based on the total number of participants. 

Condensed Brand + Image Usage Guide

Get a rule book on how to use your campaign collateral + brand elements to maintain a consistent look, feel and story pre, throughout, and post campaign. 

Total Value: $8,000 


    one time investment
    Valid for 3 months

    Every month
    3 monthly payments
    Valid for 3 months


But you don't have to take our word for it...


The Dynamic Duo



Tara Paton

Tara Paton is a marketing strategist that worked with founders and CEOs of CPG, Retail & Tech companies to skyrocket their sales, simplify their marketing and attract life-long customers with revenue-boosting, CMO-certified marketing plans and campaigns. Tara believes marketing is a people focused business and if you intimately know your people you can sell them anything, with ease. 



B. Chloe Cleaves

Chloe Cleaves curates high-end visual stories & messaging for luxury beauty and wellness brands + professionals. Chloe believes that to attract your potential client or customer, the brand experience starts with what they see and how they see it. She is able to aesthetically align founder values with desired customer needs, wants, and behaviors through strategic visual design.


images (1).png

Let's see if we would be a good fit...

This experience is pretty much necessary for you if:

  • You have independently owned product based brand that you have unshakable confidence in

  • You have made traction in your industry and want new strategies for growth

  • You trust Chloe & Tara to give guidance in the best interest of your brand

Sit this one out & catch the next experience if:

  • ​You are a service provider or sell digital products 

  • You want to continue winging it and scrambling to make things work  

  • You do not believe in your company and think this experience will be your savior

Oh and did we mention there are only 10 spots left???

Building revenue-generating campaigns is our jam.

Trust us, your drool-worthy campaign will be done in 72 hours. That's a promise.


Here’s what to expect next:


Before the event.

Kick Off Call 

You’ll tell us your goals, choose the season for your campaign and we’ll align on a plan to ensure you know what you need to do before we meet live.


Campaign Themes to choose from:


Christmas & New Years 

Valentine’s Day


During the event.

Strategy + Final Planning

Join us at the retreat to brainstorm, strategize and plan your next campaign leaving no stone unturned so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. You will need your laptop because we will be putting in WORK! 


Photoshoot Day 

You have the plan, now we create. With your products and based on your selected campaign type, we will fully conceptualize and shoot your your campaign visuals. All aspects will be customized to aid in your storytelling and effectively connect with your audience. 


After the event.


Within 2 weeks following the end of the event, you will receive your photos and plug them into the plan that you already developed and get ready to watch the sales roll in for your next campaign.

Other deliverables will include:

Campaign Brief Document

Condensed Visual Brand Guide

Content Plan Layout

Campaign/Result Summary Template


FAQs + More Details

  • Where is Campaign Creation Live?
    Campaign Creation Live is a 3 day in person experience on Sept 23 - 25, 2022. The event will take place in Atlanta the exact location will be sent to you in email as soon as we finalize the details.
  • How does the financing work?
    We are excited to be able to offer funding to help that can fund up to 100% of the program amount! It offers: Low affordable monthly payments (can be as low as $350/mo or less) No prepayment penalty - can pay off at anytime 1st payment not due for 30 days Soft pull to apply As far as the rates, it will vary depending on your credit. And you’ll have an opportunity to review the best offers with a funding specialist and address any questions before making a decision. And because it's a soft-pull, meaning your credit score won't be affected for applying, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Once you’re approved, they'll work directly with you to get the money you need to make your ability to work with us become a reality! To apply, click here
  • How many edits will I receive from my photoshoot?
    You will receive 75 edited images from your campaign shoot. This number can potentially increase depending on your strategy, campaign theme, and the type of product that you sell. Our primary goal is to ensure that you have enough content to completely tell your campaign story as well as fulfill your campaign plan in its entirety.
  • If my product is hair, can I have models in my shoot?
    Yes, you can have hair models in your shoot. However, all hair and makeup will need to be done prior to your scheduled shoot time. If you are doing units/wigs, it is recommended that they are pre-styled and glueless. Keep in mind your shoot time will be around 2 hours* and will have to be changed quickly depending on the amount of styles/content needed to be covered. Also note that any prepping/grooming, and or wardrobe is not included in your Campaign Creation Live investment. Prior to the event, shoot planning and logistics will take place in case you need any assistance and/or recommendations of service providers.
  • Do I need to find my own photographer for the shoot?
    No. This is an all-inclusive investment as far as marketing, visual branding, and photography services. Just to clarify, services not covered in your investment include: grooming/hair/makeup wardrobe items travel lodging
  • If I cannot attend, will I receive a refund?
    Campaign Creation Live is a custom experience from preparation, to the execution, to the deliverables therefore all investments are nonrefundable. If you paid in full and cannot attend, please contact or If you selected the payment plan, all completed payments are nonrefundable. Payments not yet processed will be cancelled.


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